Operational Procedures and Protocols of the International Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise


To promote scholarly activity in the broad area of exercise biochemistry that includes, but is not limited to, muscle energy metabolism and exercise, muscle adaptations to exercise, molecular and cellular regulation of exercise responses and/or adaptations.
To organize the triennial International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC).
To promote exercise biochemistry through presentation of the Honour and Young Investigator Awards at the triennial conference.


The Patron of the International Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise is Prof. Jacques Poortmans.

Executive Committee

The activities of the Research Group shall be overseen by an Executive Committee comprising:

    The Executive Committee shall meet in person at least once in each triennium (at IBEC) and conduct its business, as required, by circulation between face to face meetings.

    Wherever possible, there should be an appropriate mix of gender and geographical origin (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe) within the Executive Committee, but the primary determinant of membership should always be scientific credibility within the field of exercise biochemistry.

    Members are normally appointed for two consecutive terms of 3 yr, with half the membership rotating each triennium. Approximately 12 months prior to the end of a member’s term, the Executive Committee shall solicit expressions of interest from potential future members and appoint new members using the criteria outlined above.

    The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be appointed from, and elected by, the membership of the Executive Committee. Their terms would normally not exceed a total of six (6) years. In order to ensure continuity, the Vice-Chairman is eligible to become Chairman upon the latter role becoming vacant.

    International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC)

    Every three (3) years, the Research Group shall arrange for the IBEC to be held at an appropriate venue. The venue shall rotate through geographical areas, with due regard to the current level of scientific activity within exercise biochemistry in a given area and the likely success of the conference. The venue for IBEC will be determined by the Executive Committee at its triennial meeting. Expressions of interest from potential local host organising committees shall be solicited and received no later than three (3) months prior to each IBEC/triennial Executive Committee meeting. The expression of interest must address the following issues: