Application Regulations for Honour and
Young Investigators Awards

Honour Award

The IRGBE presents an Honour Award consisting of a medal.. The award is given to a scientist who has made substantial contributions to the development of research dealing with the biochemistry and nutrition of exercise. The award is primarily for scientific achievements, but other important contributions, e.g. of educational or organizing character, may also be considered.

The Honour Award is announced by the Chairman of the IRGBE at the latest on 31st of December of the year before the International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference at which it is planned to present it. Anyone can nominate a candidate for the Hour Award, and a scientist may also nominate him- or herself. Nominations must include the candidate's curriculum vitae and a list of publications as well as an explanatory statement with a description of the candidate's major achievements.

The Chairman of the IRGBE proposes four members, in addition to himself, to form an evaluation committee. Although the Chairman of the IRGBE is member of the committee, he is not necessarily its chairman. If the Chairman of the IRGBE for any reason, e.g. disability, is not available, the Vice-chairman or another member of the IRGBE is given his seat on the committee. Generally, the other four members of the evaluation committee will be members of the IRGBE. However, to ensure the highest professional expertise persons who are not members of the IRGBE may be included on the committee. The proposal for the composition of the evaluation committee is, together with the names of the candidates, presented to all members of the IRGBE and may be changed according to their recommendations. The final proposal by the Chairman of the IRGBE for the four members of the evaluation committee and ist chairman, is subjected to a vote. It may be turned down if, within a month after receiving the proposal, more than 50% of the members of the IRGBE vote against it. Negative votes must be accompanied by an explanation and an alternative proposal.

In order to ensure an optimum choice the evaluation committee may add to the list of candidates, if all five members agree. The evaluation committee has to point at an Honour Award winner by unanimous decision. If this is not possible or if the committee does not find any of the candidates sufficiently qualified, the Honour Award will not be presented. In any case, the Chairman of the IRGBE - or the chairman of the evaluation committee - informs the International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference about the decision.

Young Investigator Award

The deadline for application is the 31st of January of the year of the International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference. The applicant must at that time be under 35 years of age and must not have received the prize earlier.

The application must be sent by email to the secretary of the group.

The application has two parts:
1) a original research paper in the field of biochemistry of exercise published or accepted for publication at the date of application. The paper must be published not earlier than 24 months before the deadline of the Young Investigator Award application
2) if the paper has more than one author it must be verified by signed declarations by the co-authors that the applicant had the major influence on the study and the resulting article.

The evaluation of applicants is based on the scientific quality of the paper.

The jury members are the members of the International Research Group except if the members who have a conflict of interest.

The jury decides which paper is the best.