Guidelines for hosting the International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC) in 2021


1. The International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (the Conference) is an international conference in the area of exercise science with a focus on, but not limited to, integrative exercise physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology and sports nutrition to promote scientific exchange, interaction and collaboration among scientists in the world and stimulate undergraduate student participation in order to disseminate the IBEC philosophy.

2. The Conference will be held every three (3) years at a site to be selected by the International Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise (the Research Group). In 2018, the Conference will take place in Beijing, China. The next one will be organized in 2021 at a place to be determined. The Research Group will put efforts to promote an itinerant meeting around the world

3. The official language of the Conference is English. Simultaneous translation into the local language is optional

4. The Conference must be at least 3 days in duration and have a minimum of 18 invited speakers covering at least 6 sessions, each with a different scientific theme. Each speaker is limited to one (1) oral presentation. Among these speakers, there are the winners of the Honour Award (1) and the Young Investigator Award (1) (Wander Award).


1. Any academic, institute, research center, faculty or laboratory member of an university may apply to host the Conference.

2. An application must provide: (a) location of the Conference (city and country); (b) dates of the Conference; (c) a description of the facilities for the lecture and poster sessions; (d) housing arrangements and their costs; (e) registration fee and all items this fee will cover, such as meal plan, airport-conference centre travel, special airfare packages, social events, etc. ; (f) budget for the Conference. (g) a list of prospective sponsors and/or corporate support for the Conference; and (h) a copy of the proposed logo and letterhead to be used by the Conference delegation.

3. An application also should provide a list of the members of the (local) Organizing Committee, in which the chairman will be the official contact person within the Research Group. In order to keep the spirit of previous editions, the Chairman must have attended the Conference at least twice, previously.

4. If successful, a fee of 2000 US$ is due to the Research Group by the Organizing Committee within two (2) months after the Conference.

5. Applicants must guarantee that the email addresses of the attendees will be sent to the Research Group within two (2) months after the Conference.

6. The applications must be sent to the secretary of the Research Group ( not later than 30 June 2018. An acknowledgment of receipt will be send.

7. Applicants, at their own expense, will be expected to make a formal application presentation to the Research Group at the Conference, which will be take place in Beijing, China between October 23 and 25, 2018.

8. The Chairman of the Research Group or his/her designate will be provided with travel and lodging costs by the host organization for the Conference and the members of the Research Group attending the Conference will not be charged the registration fee.

9. The final scientific program must be accepted by the Research Group no later than 9 months before the conference.

10. Every effort should be made to ensure publication of the Proceedings of the Conference within 12 months after the last meeting day. The chairman of the (local) Organizing Committee or, in case of his/her withdrawal, another member of the (local) Organizing Committee will serve as editor of the Proceedings. The chairman of the Research Group or, in case of his/her withdrawal, another member of the Research Group selected by the members will serve as co-editor of the Proceedings both to a) assist the Editor by providing the expertise gained from the many previous Conferences and b) to help ensure that the Proceedings reflect the scientific standards of the Research Group.

Selection criteria and process

1. Applications must demonstrate the capability to offer an economically sound, procedurally well-organized and scientifically stimulating meeting.

2. The dates will be decided by (local) committee and research group in order to ensure not in conflict with other major conferences generally attended by scientists who participate in the IBEC.

3. To ensure the link between the local organizers and the Research Group, the chairman of the Research Group or his/her designate will serve as member of the (local) Organizing Committee.