The 17th International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC)
took place from 23 to 25 October 2018 in Beijing, China

The abstracts are available here

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The next IBEC will take place in 2021 in Toronto, Canada

The International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC) is a unique event in the world of science. The first conference was held in 1968 and second in 1973. Thereafter, every three years exercise scientists, whose passion is exercise biochemistry and in other new disciplines, such as exercise molecular biology, exercise “omics”, and exercise health, met somewhere in the world to exchange scientific presentations and ideas. IBEC is unique in that various small groups of people volunteer to organize, administrate, and raise funds travel for their selected program of speakers to their home city. The 17th IBEC in Beijing follows in the footsteps of the previous 16 conferences.

Cities having hosted IBEC

Brussels (Belgium) 1968

Macolin (Switzerland) 1973

Quebec (Canada) 1976

Brussels (Belgium) 1979

Boston (USA) 1982

Copenhagen (Denmark) 1985

London (Canada) 1988

Nagoya (Japan) 1991

Aberdeen (United Kingdom) 1994

Sydney (Australia) 1997

Little Rock (USA) 2000

Maastricht (The Netherlands) 2003

Seoul (South-Korea) 2006

Guelph (Canada) 2009

Stockholm (Sweden) 2012

Sao Paolo (Brasil) 2015

Beijing (China) 2018

Toronto (Canada) 2021

Cities having hosted International Courses

Fiuggi (Italy) 1979

Nice (France) 1982

Athens (Greece) 1985

Lisbon (Portugal) 1992

Beijing (China) 1995

Maastricht (The Netherlands) 1999